The Italian Pride is on Lake Garda...

Notice : Porto Dusano, on the recommendation of the prefecture, will be accessible only through PASS - Above Porto Dusano, in the Via Tasso car park, from Friday 14 you will find the "Frecce Street Food Village" beer and entertainment music, set up for the AirShow and always accessible to the public, from where you can enjoy an excellent view of the lake and the Show .
Overlooking the Garda, the Valtenesi offers one of the most spectacular views of Benaco, Precious Borghese Island, the Island of San Biagio, to the beaches of Moniga enjoying the picturesque scenery of the Sirmione peninsula. Just this will be the proscenium of the Garda Air Show 2018, the coast that stretches from the majestic Rocca of Manerba to the New Port of Moniga; Here Frecce Tricolori, helicopters and civil aircraft and military will draw the blue sky.
Two unforgettable days:
Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 from 11.00am to 1.00pm, the first of the second technical tests of Show;
in fact the only difference will be in the aircraft fumes, White Saturday and Sunday in Tricolore

Program Valtenesi AirShow del Garda 2018
Aircrafts               EXHIBITION SCHEDULE
HH139A – Elicopter AM - Rescue display10,30
FRECCE TRICOLORI   12:10 – 12:50

Below photos from the edition of last year in Peschiera del Garda ( Ph. Zanardi, Ph. Razvan, Ph. A.M.)

Frecce in Volo...

sullo sfondo il bellissimo Golfo di Manerba...


Elicottero HH139...

Passagio dei "Leoni" del 85° Areo soccorritori in mare



Protezione civile Brescia ...


La Scintilla

l'entusiasmante nuova figura del reparto acrobatico...



l'aeromobile in dotazione dal 1982...


Guido Racioppoli

con il suo acrobatico ZLIN 52.. ...


Il tricolore

sventolato dall'Elicottero HH139 AM...


Live the show in the first row...

Poni 10 passa dal Via...

la foto ravvicinata della carlinga di una freccia...



frecce in formazione


Incrocio mozzafiato

impressionante figura incrociata dei velivoli" ...


MB.339 in volo radente

sembrano toccarsi, separati da pochi metri...


Volo variato

i velivoli sembrano impazzire...


Sincronia perfetta

come per incanto...


Volo rovesciato

Tonneau a ripetizione ...


Le Frecce Tricolori 2018

La Valtenesi del Garda e Air Show 2018!

Lorella Lavo Moniga Mayor and Isidoro Bertini Manerba Mayor welcome in Valtenesi, a Garda territory to be experienced and to explore with beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, stunning views and great hospitality. In a few minutes from the Desenzano del Garda you will arrive in the territory Groppello Wine and Casaliva oil, land rich in castles, churches and excellent products, cultural and architectural historical routes that will lead you in a Garda perhaps less known but of great connoisseurs. No coincidence that the waters of the Manerba Rock in summer is full of boats that have on one side the Gulf of Romantic and on the other the beautiful Sirmione and the lavish Isola Borghese called "Isola del Garda" that you can also visited today. Each village in the valley has its "Manor House", a dense corollary of medieval castles that constituted the effective defensive network. For those who will go up to the fortress note the ruins of the castle destroyed by the Venetians who has ancient origins. Notable are the churches in Manerba and Moniga and the excellently preserved castle of Moniga. All castles are usually visited andmany have been restored and have become more luxurious residences.

Lake restriction

For safety of the public and to protect the performance of the arrows is forbidden navigation in waters space in front of the show from 10.00am to 1.00pm. The waters will be marked by buoys, patrolled by Coast Guard and Volunteers.

Beaches and buoys

Along the coast, affected by Porto Dusano to Porto Moniga, bathing is allowed "only" very closed to the beach. It will not be allowed to get away by swimming in the Show or ride on boat to the buoy in the area concerned.

Parking and spectators

They were also set up a number of car parks on private land really closed to the Show. The neighboring communication roads will be off-limits to allow the escape routes for emergency vehicles, and the beaches are within walking distance. For Handicap recommended the "Beach walk" in Moniga.


Warnings to the great danger of the cliffs at the Rocca: Maximum attention.
Saturday, September 15 from 10.00am to 1.00pm Technical Tests
Air Show Sunday, September 16 from 10.00am to 1.00pm

Air Show, traffic and security restrictions!

Notice: Porto Dusano, on the recommendation of the prefecture, will be accessible only through PASS
Here is a summary of the affected area air show where the blue line identifies the shoreline of the beach affected.
• GREAT PARKING: will be set and "reported" very closedy, both coming in Moniga that in Manerba.
• First Aid Areas: guaranteed all along the coast from the Red Cross and Civil Protection.
• It is allowed the bathroom, to prevent heat exhaustion, only very closed to the beaches.
• Boats: navigation ban in the water space in front of the coast, marked by buoys and Coast Guard
• Boats: it is permitted to park outside the delimited water space.
• Boats at the mark: be stationed ban in fixed buoy.
• La Rocca and Sasso: please note the danger of overhangs, stand at a minimum of 10 meters from the cliffs unprotected.
• Aircraft and Drones: fly zone with aircraft not authorized by Direction of the event.
• Stop of Navigarda Porto Dusano: banned in the two days, up to 3.00pm of Sunday, September 16.
We thank for the contribution: Carabinieri, Coast Guard, National Police and Local Police, Ass. Naz. Alpini, Ass. Carabinieri in congedo, the Garda Volunteers, Civil Prtection and all the volunteers.
The "Red roads" will be forbidden/closed to traffic immediately after the exhaustion of the great parking "Blue", neighboring Area Event. After 13.00 will be able to flow away from the parking areas.
Traffic allowed only emergency vehicles and residents.

Click here and download the map in pdf (6Mb)

Official Videos

Il Record Mondiale

The High Speed School of Desenzano ​​was the pride of Italian Air Force: "A few years earlier, in 1920, with an adventurous journey in stages lasted more than three months, Italians Ferrarin Arturo and Guido Masiero connected Rome to Tokyo. A woman , the France-Belgian Bolland Adrienne in 1921 sparked huge stir flying over the chain of the Andes between Argentina and Chile; it was the era of Nietzsche's superman, the era of the big "air" enterprise of the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, the era of the "Futurist Manifesto" artist / pilot Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the era of the great dictatorships. It's in this historical context of great fervor, great changes to his firm who performs the Keep pilot Francesco Agello. Born in Casalpusterlengo, December 27 in 1902, he was the author of the world record for speed on seaplanes, reached in October 1934 at the controls of a Macchi-Castoldi MC72 led to an average speed of 709.202 km / h, a value for the category seaplanes piston engine, still unbeaten. There, the Rock still can see the sentry box of the timekeepers of the World Record

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